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Pastime Musings from the Author. (Part - 1)

Lethargy:- Years of continual downfall often come back in vivid flashes and render me completely lifeless. Not being able to get up and fend for myself is a truly abhorrent feeling, one that I have desperately tried to erase for almost a decade. Nonetheless, these moments have allowed me to put helplessness into perspective and understand how the human mind is nothing more than a frail old pirate, stranded on a desolate island. “It” needs all the help in the world but remains insistent on being well-versed in the art of efficient management.

Helplessness:- And the eerie silence of helplessness continues as I find myself passing yet another peril in my life. With bags under my eyes, I feel like I am desperate with unsurpassable desire. Goes to show rationality isn’t an inherent trait, but a true gift.

Anguish:- The physical pain was excruciating but the mental anguish was unbearable. She had done it. I had faced the worst possible feat any sufferer could have. But the questioning, emotionless eyes of the “spectators” looking down at me with their nonchalant expressions were the ultimate nail in the coffin. I had been cheated by life. Drowned in the sea of depression with no way out. Life was indeed cruel. ~ Muhammad Hamza Shah #mentalhealth #trauma #anxiety #depression #musings

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